TikTok Creator and Proud Morena Ayn Bernos Encourages All Women To Shine

 Through her content and her brand, Morena the Label, Ayn celebrates sun-kissed skin and challenges colorism in the Philippines!

Manila, Philippines - April 12, 2021 - A little boost of confidence can go a long way in empowering others. This is why it means so much when women support, uplift, and encourage fellow women. Realizing this, TikTok creator and female empowerment advocate, Ayn Bernos decided to start using her online content as a means to motivate her followers, particularly her female viewers, to help them become more self-assured. 


Her journey to becoming a motivational content creator on the app began with a breakup. "​My first video that went viral was my post-breakup journey. I simply shared what I was able to achieve once I started focusing on myself and my growth - moving to a different country, traveling, starting a business - and I guess a lot of women were able to resonate with that," Ayn shares. She adds, "Since then, I started creating motivational videos about confidence and being a work-in-progress. My favorite part is not really preaching or giving advice. It's more about being open about my journey and sharing the lessons that I personally had to learn the hard way."

Since then, Ayn has also been able to use TikTok as a platform to talk about her advocacies, including that of challenging colorism in the Philippines. She admits that her morena skin was a source of insecurity growing up. Now, through her label as well as her content, she wishes to make a difference for younger Filipinas. She shares, "I was really insecure about my skin color as a kid, and it took me a long time to gain my confidence. Having a platform as an adult, I wanted to change that experience for future generations of morenas. I started Morena the Label to allow other morenas like me to also find that confidence. To some people, they're just t-shirts, but to our customers and our followers, these t-shirts are an opportunity to be proud of our skin - oftentimes, for the first time. Morena the Label is a brand, but more than that, it's also a community."

Ayn Bernos is also an advocate of self-development and education. She is one-half of the Camp Confidence Radio Podcast, and even has a second TikTok account, Ayn Pero Tagalog, where she produces bite-sized English lessons aimed at make language learning a little less intimidating for beginners. 

When asked about the most important lesson she has learned in life, this is what Ayn had to share. "It took me some time to learn, but when I did, it changed my life. I realized that I don't have to compete with other women in order to succeed. I thought that success meant being the most beautiful, or the smartest, or the most talented woman in the room. But in truth, there is nothing more fulfilling than being in a room of supportive women who shine in different ways. It's a cliché, but we really are stronger together."

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